Potential employees should be aware of the following policies before they apply for employment at Black Drake Consulting. Additional policies are contained in the company and employee manual.

Probation Period
Employees are generally hired with a 30 day probation period. At the end of the probation period, the employee will be evaluated as to quality of work, ability to work with the rest of the staff, and professionalism. If an employee is found to be seriously deficient in any of these areas, s/he may be dismissed from the company, or offered continued employment with an extended probation period, during which s/he will seek to improve their performance.

After successfully completing the probation period, all full-time permanent employees are eligible for the following benefits. Full-time is defined as working 40 hours per week.

After one full year of full-time employment, permanent employees will be eligible for the following benefits in addition to those listed above: After two full years of full-time employment, permanent employees will be eligible for the following additional benefits: Safe Workplace Policy
Black Drake Consulting strives to keep the workplace safe and free of hazards. The company will provide safety equipment and training, when necessary. Employees are expected to adhere to safety guidelines established by the company, and to report all hazardous situations so that they may be attended to. Some of the common guidelines include (but are not limited to): Harassment Free Workplace
Our company strives to provide a workplace atmosphere where people of diverse backgrounds feel comfortable working. In this, we will not tolerate displays of racism, sexism, discrimination based on religion or ethnicity, or sexual harassment in the workplace. Period.

Employees exhibiting such objectionable behaviors will be subject to immediate termination.


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