Full-time, temporary or permanent. 
Wage: $12.00-$13.00/hour, depending on qualifications.  
Employee Benefits: Holidays, sick pay, and vacation are offered to employees after they have worked for the company for set periods of time (see below). Healthcare and retirement are not offered.

This position requires prior technical training. The aim of our company is to provide clients with high-quality research reports in a timely and cost-effective manner. During the field season, our work load may vary from very light to overwhelmingly busy. Since we are a small company, each employee must be able to learn and perform a wide variety of tasks, and be able to switch between disparate tasks as work gets re-prioritized and demands shift. It will not be unusual to find out at 4pm that we have to go to the field the next day, even though we had scheduled it as a lab day.

We are looking for a conscientious, hard working person who has an interest in expanding their skill base as well as furthering their work experience. We will give added consideration to individuals who have a genuine interest in learning more about the Cultural Resource Management process as well as learning new skills.

We are an equal opportunity employer; women, minorities, and people of diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

Description of Tasks
Employees in this position will be responsible for implementing a variety of tasks associated with archaeological cultural resource management. Due to the small size of our company, archaeological technicians will not be restricted to a single type of work (e.g., fieldwork), but will be required to perform a wide variety of tasks. Tasks may include, but are not limited to:

Field work
Lab work Office work Library/archival research Schedule
Full Time employees: Our standard schedule is 7:00 AM Ė 5:30 PM, Monday-Thursday. We try not to schedule any overtime, but when overtime is needed, it is at the employees discretion whether to put in the extra hours (i.e., we do not require overtime).

Work is based out of the Champlain office, and employees are expected to provide their own transportation to and from the office.

As much as 80% of this position may involve field work, and while we have some local projects lined up, we cannot guarantee projects will be within a daily commuting distance. Projects located more than an hourís drive will require overnight stays. When crews are on out-of-town projects, we pay for lodging, and we provide the crew with a per-diem allowance for food.

Note for temporary employees from outside the Champlain/Plattsburgh area: We may hire temporary crew for out-of-town work on a project-by-project basis (we generally post jobs on If such crew is not from the home office area, they are expected to get to the project using their own transportation at their own expense. Hotel and per diem will be provided near the project area. Generally we arrive at the hotel Sunday evening and check out Thursday morning before work. Per diems are provided for the actual work days (Monday - Thursday). We do not pay time or mileage from your home area to the project.

Employees must provide a sturdy pair of work boots (steel-toe that meets OSHA standards) and appropriate clothing for the field. The company will provide all excavation equipment and safety equipment when necessary. We are a safety-oriented company.

This position requires prior experience in archaeological field and lab work. Specific qualifications include:

Compensation Pay: Hourly, $12.00-$13.00/hour

Overtime is compensated at time-and-a-half.

Travel time to and from the field is paid when leaving and arriving at the Champlain office.

Employees are paid bi-weekly, based on a Monday-Sunday week. If time sheets are submitted by the Monday following the close of a pay period, pay checks will be written the next Thursday.

Benefits After a 30 day probation period, full-time permanent employees are eligible for:
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